About Us

Who We Are

  • East Alley is part of AVA Online Group Inc., an e-commerce company dedicated helping designers and entrepreneurs reach an online savvy audience.
  • We’re a sister site of AVA, an online fashion retailer for premium brands.
  • We’re supported by a small and ambitious team led by our founder, Oliver Segovia, and our board of directors - Minette Navarrete of Kickstart Ventures, and Nix Nolledo of Hatchd Digital,
  • We first launched a social enterprise category in AVA in 2013, and we’ve had a great response from our customers.

Why We’re Doing This

  • Social entrepreneurs are among the most hard working and dedicated people we’ve met. They deserve a dedicated online platform for their brands.
  • Yet, they face tremendous barriers in setting up and scaling their ventures.
  • We want to help in a small way in areas where we’re strong in:  e-commerce and digital marketing.

How You Can Help

  • Support social enterprises. Be a customer not simply because it’s a worthwhile cause, but because these are truly unique and awesome products. We’ve curated East Alley to bring you only the best.
  • Share the opportunity. Tell your friends about East Alley, especially those seeking to start their own ventures.  
  • Start one yourself. Become a social entrepreneur and carve a out a meaningful path that enables you to live your values while pursuing your career goals.